We want your items for our Curiosity Approach settings!

Posted 29th April, 2020

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. As you know, we love everything Curiosity Approach

During this time, yourselves, your family or friends, may find yourself spring cleaning at home. Please do not be put off by the lack of places to take your preloved items!

Car boots, charity shops and clothes banks may be closed but do not be tempted to throw items in the bin!

Not only is it in our ethos to reduce, reuse and recycle but here at ABC you may have just have what we are waiting for.

We are always seeking, real everyday items. Things that you may think have come to the end of their life and you have no use for at home. We will think outside the box and are certain we can put them to good use.

As you are all aware we follow the Curiosity Approach, so pots, pans, crocs, jewellery, some clothing items, handbags, to name just a few, are all excellent resources for us.

If you are unsure if we can find a use, please just give us a call to check. Our Lightmoor, Hadley and Hoo sites are all still open, 7.30am-6pm. Items can be left outside, just make us aware.

We really do appreciate all of the contributions you make. It makes a huge difference to the environments and play experiences we are able to offer the children.

We feel like you are on this journey together with us.

Many thanks,

Team ABC.