Familiar face returns to ABC!

Posted 13th July, 2018
Alicia is welcomed back by Penny!

A familiar face has returned to ABC Day Nurseries – but she’s grown a little since she was last there.

Alicia Biddulph is now working at her former nursery having attended the original Wrockwardine site – set up by nursery owner Penny Hustwick 25 years ago – from 1998 to 2002.

Her mother Diane also worked in the baby room there. So when Alicia contacted Penny enquiring about working for ABC, she was welcomed back with open arms.

Now aged 20, Alicia works as a nursery practitioner in the pre-school room at ABC Lightmoor and is also working towards gaining her Level 3 qualifications.

Alicia said: “I am absolutely loving working here and especially being at the same nursery that my mom was, it’s brilliant.

“My parents were really happy when I said I wanted to work with children in a nursery environment. They suggested I get in touch with Penny and they were over the moon when I started working here.

“Quite a lot has changed since I was at nursery myself, when I told my mom about the Curiosity Approach where the children are playing with natural resources instead of plastic toys, she couldn’t believe how different it was.”

Owner Penny Hustwick said: “We are thrilled to have Alicia working with us at ABC, and it seems especially fitting that we should be welcoming her back as we celebrate reaching the milestone of our 25th anniversary.

“Alicia is really settling well into the role and we’re so pleased to have a Biddulph working at ABC again!”

Penny added they were now also seeing parents who attended ABC themselves having children and choosing to enrol them at one of their four settings across Telford.

“It’s an honour to be looking after the second generation of ABC children – once we reach our 50th anniversary in 2033 maybe we’ll be welcoming our original children’s grandchildren!”


Penny looks after a little Alicia!