We’re offering term time only places for the first time at our Hollinswood base

Posted 7th December, 2017

Calling all parents who work in schools, colleges and universities – or anyone who works term time and will need term time only places at nursery.

For the first time we’ve started to offer term time only places for your children.

Anyone with a child of any age at ABC Day Nursery in Hollinswood can enjoy the option of only paying when their children need to attend the setting during the term time.

Hollinswood is the first ABC Day Nursery to offer this option.

The nursery will remain open 51 weeks of the year and current children attending will be unaffected by the offer.

It’s an extension of the offer which in the past has only been available to children aged three to four-years-old who only use their 15 funded hours.

We’ve decided to do this after many enquiries for term time only places in Hollinswood. We want to offer what parents need and be flexible to those needs. We know arranging childcare can be difficult and especially when you are juggling a number of children, older ones who may be at school.

This is now an option if it would make your arrangements easier to manage.

ABC Hollinswood is in a brilliant location, surrounded by so many schools, both primary and secondary.

This new option of a term time only place for children of all ages here is open to both parents who only work term time, those who can only afford term time or those who have family who can look after their children during school holidays – essentially, anyone!

For more information on prices and dates contact ABC Hollinswood on 01952 289168.