• Hoo’s Outstanding Ofsted – just in case you…

    24th September, 2019

    Here’s our amazing Hoo Ofsted report – the link is here too but we are so proud we wanted to put it here too!

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  • The Best Presents for Children

    21st September, 2019

    Whether you have one child or more, the chances are you sometimes feel like their social life is better than yours. Children’s birthday parties are regular events here at nursery, with so many little ones wanting to share the fun of a celebration, invitations are regularly sent home in book bags.…

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  • Welcome back – routine is here!

    17th September, 2019

    How is it the middle of September already? I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer holiday whatever you have been up to. September marks the start of an exciting change for lots of people, it is the start of a new school year and your little ones may have just entered reception year, begun their…

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  • ABC Hollinswood – Open day on Saturday!

    2nd September, 2019

    At ABC Hollinswood we’re gearing up to open the doors wide and share our fabulous setting with new and prospective parents. On Saturday (September 7) our lovely welcoming staff will be available between 10am and 2pm to show you round the setting that sits in the grounds of Hollinswood Primary…

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