What can I do with my children in Lockdown 3?

Posted 17th February, 2021
lockdown 3

We’ve been here before, each time a little different. Back in March 2020, ABC Day Nursery settings closed their doors across Telford to all but children of key workers. We shared tips on things to do at home, places to go as restrictions slowly lifted, and how to prepare your child for school without any transition days

We’re so pleased that we have been able to remain open to all children in lockdown 3. It means that our fantastic parents and carers can continue to work with the peace of mind that their child is happy and safe at nursery – not to mention how important it is for your child’s development to be interacting with other children. 

While the children’s weekdays are filled with social interaction, learning and fun, it is difficult to keep them occupied and entertained at the weekend when the key message is Stay at Home and we aren’t allowed to travel to exercise. Even then, we’re only allowed outside once a day and the weather isn’t nearly as nice as it was in the first lockdown!

Here are some activities from ABC to keep your family’s weekends in lockdown 3 fun, fresh and curious. 


Get outdoors

This is an obvious one, we know, but getting outside is so important for you and your children. The children love exploring outside at nursery and that should be no different at home.

You may have a lovely garden that you can enjoy or a park around the corner… or maybe just go for a walk/cycle around your local area. 

The weather isn’t quite as glorious as it was in the country’s first lockdown, so may we recommend you wrap up warm when you do venture outside! Remember the wellies as puddles are to be splashed in! We know how much ABC children love to splash… and the puddle suits work well too for when they decide to lie down in the puddle!


Get creative

You know how much we love letting the creative juices flow at ABC! We also know how much our parents and carers love glitter(!)

There are so many ways to get creative at home (no glitter required) such as:

Keep in touch!

It’s more important than ever to keep in touch with our loved ones virtually. A Zoom quiz for the family or a phone call to grandpa, grandma, aunty and uncle will brighten everyone’s day.


Help out

The children are fantastic at lending a helping hand at nursery. Before Covid, we often had them help with preparing and serving lunch, snacks and drinks. 

Children love feeling helpful and it’s so rewarding for them and their independence to know that they’re helping out and doing good! Here are some at-home ideas where they can lend a hand:

  • Help out making dinner from scratch. They could even choose the meal! Have you seen the takeaway make your own pizza at home box our new Lightmoor neighbours at Emma’s Deli are offering? Everything ready to go including fresh dough!
  • Bake some goodies to send out to loved ones (keeping some for yourself, of course).
  • Get tidying! The children are very good at organising and putting things away when they’re finished with them at ABC – that should be the same at home.
  • Household chores. The world’s best-kept secret is that loading the washing machine, putting it on and then hanging the clothes out to dry really isn’t as fun as children think…

Children are inquisitive beings so whatever you’re doing, if they’re around, explain what you’re up to and how this helps (“Daddy is sweeping the kitchen floor to make it tidy for when we cook dinner”). They will likely want to get involved which does wonders for their cognitive skills, independence and confidence.


Enjoy some cosy activities

We enjoy the hygge living at ABC, meaning children are cosy and comfortable. With the weather being a bit rubbish at the moment, it’s the perfect time to get cosy and relax. Here are a few ways:

  • Have a board game day.
  • Watch a movie under lots of cosy blankets.
  • Read a book.
  • Build a den.
  • Create a ‘calm corner’, dedicated to chilling out – and then enjoy it!


We hope you find these tips useful. We’re so glad that we can still have your fantastic children with us in the week and hopefully, this keeps you busy with them at the weekend!