World Book Day at ABC Day Nursery – it’s all about the stories!

Posted 2nd March, 2020
World Book Day 2020 at ABC Day Nursery in Telford

The Importance of Reading

Whether we realise it or not, books have a huge impact on our lives – you might have fond memories of a childhood story, or you may love tucking your little ones up at night with a bedtime read.

The importance of books goes so much further than that, though…

For example, did you know that children have to be able to read to be able to write? The better they are at reading, the better they are at writing – and much more creative with their vocabulary too.

The wider the range of books they read, or have read to them, the better writers they will be.

The significance of reading and books in everyday life is not lost on us here at ABC!

Putting the ‘book’ back in World Book Day

Dressing up as our favourite fictional characters is lots of fun, but at ABC we’re going down the traditional route and enjoying what today is really all about … books!

Our focus this year is truly on the stories and our love of sharing books. There are so many benefits that books have for every single one of our children!

This week, all of our nurseries have been encouraging children to bring in their favourite storybook from home to share with friends.

This year’s World Book Day theme is ‘voyages’. With plenty of books to choose from, we’ve had storytelling adventures galore, using props and story sacks to bring the magic back into books!


Fun for all the family

In the foyers of each of our nurseries, we’ve set up a ‘book swap’ for the week, where parents and children can help themselves to a new read or drop off a pre-loved book. 

We are also encouraging you to dig out your favourite books, and put them to one side for your little one to read when the time comes – bonding through a book is truly something special.

The costumes…

Of course, we are still loving seeing your children dress up as their favourite book characters so they can still do that if they wish.

World Book Day is an incredible day to express yourself, and often a favourite book will tell you a lot about someone. 

We have really been enjoying hearing all about your children’s favourite books and why they love them so much. It has reminded us that, for all of us, reading is so important and is especially vital in the early stages of life.