Restrictions are easing and attractions are opening but what does that mean for a family day out in Shropshire?

Posted 11th August, 2020
packed baby bag

How can you be prepared for safe days out? For every eventuality? Will toilets be open? Cafes available for refreshments?

We thought here at ABC Day Nursery we would give you some top tips on what to take with you to help you get organised for your next day out:

  • Sanitiser – obviously we hear you say! But it is amazing how as people start returning to normal life they may forget to pop it in the bag. It is a must for use after paying for a car parking ticket; after paying for something and receiving the change to go in the purse; when little ones have touched railways and benches that you have told them not to touch a million times!


  • Disposable toilet seat covers – Yes they are a thing! So if you need the toilet and public toilets are open then you just place it over the seat and use the toilet and then dispose of it after. 



  • Travel urinal or a female travel urinal: We know little boys like to wee anywhere where they want but it isn’t always appropriate so carrying one of these products is a great idea. The travel urinal is for both male and female members of the family but the female travel urinals – also known as “she wees” have fantastic reviews for women and girls who need to go on the run!



  • The potty: You may not have carried it lately but it is actually handy to have in the boot of the car if the travel urinals aren’t your thing! We have heard of people starting to carry a portaloo out of their caravan in the back of the car.



  • Wipes: Always handy whatever age of the child! They can wipe their hands at every opportunity and sanitise after.
  • Food and drink: We are so used to cafes and shops being open for our convenience but with restrictions in place, there might be queues which you don’t want to tackle with a toddler. Have your own at the ready! A full picnic, snacks in a bag, a coolbox or plug in fridge with cold drinks in your vehicle or a flask of hot chocolate for those damp days.



  • Games or electronics and chargers too: Of course we haven’t gone out for the day to put the children in front of electronics. We can play eye spy in the car as we travel, point out features of the countryside and animals and wildlife you see. BUT what if you broke down, got in a traffic jam or just needed five minutes of quiet time in the car yourself before setting off on the journey home? There isn’t anything wrong with packing an electronic device just in case and remember the apps available are amazing for them to learn their letters, sounds and colours.



So finally – be prepared, be patient and enjoy! Oh and don’t forget to sanitise!