Play is the way… with you!

Posted 6th April, 2020

Play is the way… with you!

Things are certainly far from normal at the moment; your child will be sensing this from you and is probably aware that things aren’t quite as they were. 

Whether it’s because they aren’t in nursery, are missing out on their usual clubs or groups, aren’t seeing their grandparents, are missing play dates with friends or simply because they want to visit their favourite park.

Just because things are a little bit different for a while, it doesn’t mean it has to be a negative experience for children and it certainly doesn’t mean they are going to be falling behind or not getting what they need.


Your child has everything they need right in front of them…


Time spent with you right now is the most valuable tool you can give to your child. You can currently meet every one of their needs and teach them more than you will realise, just by going about your day.

Play should not be underestimated. Everything your child needs to know, learn, practice and develop at the moment can be experienced through your daily tasks and spending time playing with them.

Playtime is learning time

Be reassured that playing is the key tool. Not worksheets, not workbooks, not forced adult led activities.  

When children are busy doing activities of their choosing, they will be much happier.  

When children are happy and confident, they will be a lot more engrossed in whatever they are doing… This is when the learning is happening.


Learning at ABC

At nursery we strive to give children the resources and opportunities to be able to extend their play as far as possible and we interrupt this play as little as possible. 

With long periods of play your child is making sense of their world, recalling their past experiences, understanding their emotions, practicing skills, and essentially learning everything they need to know at their own level and pace. The longer the play lasts the further the learning experiences go.

We ask open ended questions to maximise thinking, problem solving and imagination. Rather than, “What colour is this?”, which requires a one word or short answer, we ask things such as, “Tell me about what you have made…?” or “What could we use to…?”

Daily tasks such as washing up, laying the table and other general household chores are packed full of learning for your child; through these tasks they will learn mathematical concepts, how to follow instructions and manage risks, to name just a few.

Just have fun

We would advise you to enjoy every second having your child at home and let them take the lead. Do not force learning, because the more fun you are having the more learning and benefits for your child without a doubt!

Play, read a story, sing, play, run outside, play, play, play… and, most importantly, enjoy being together.

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If you missed our Covid-19 statement then you can read it here – we can’t wait to re-open our doors to all as soon as possible.


Stay safe

Team ABC

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