Weaning – how do I do it? #Weaningweek2019

Posted 1st May, 2019
Weaning Week at ABC Day Nursery in Telford

Are they ready for solids? How much food do they need? When should I give it to them? What if they cry or don’t like it? Have they had enough? Do they still need milk? Am I doing it right?

This week marks National Weaning Week (May 6th – 12th) and we know it can be a daunting prospect to many parents – whether it is your first child or not. Deciding to wean your baby can be a very confusing time – often with lots of conflicting advice from well-meaning family and friends. NHS guidelines state that generally most babies are ready for solids from around six months as long as they can stay in a sitting position – but every child is different. And the approach taken by each parent differs too.

At ABC we’ll help and support you through every step of the weaning journey – and beyond! During our 26 years of operation we have taken care of hundreds of babies and we always follow whatever weaning process the parent wants for their child – you know them best.

If you decide to start small and just give your baby a bit of finger food when you’re eating then that’s what we will do. If you sit down with your baby every day at 9am and give them a bowl of porridge then that’s what we will do. If you’re hesitant about introducing solids too early then speak to us about your concerns and we will do our very best to help.

Like most (all if we’re being honest) stages of a child’s development there are many questions and concerns, it’s perfectly natural to hesitate and wonder if you are doing it right. In our experience after a few days and weeks of trial and error parents tend to feel more comfortable with giving their baby solids, it’s just another part of the learning process.

Whether you are thinking about baby-led weaning, a more traditional approach, or you haven’t even given it a thought, take a look at the #weaningweek2019 website

And don’t forget – everyone at ABC is always here for you, whatever your parenting worries might be.