Transition from one room to another or from nursery to school – scary or exciting?

Posted 5th June, 2019
A toddler enjoys Forest School at ABC Day Nursery in Telford

Do you find the thought of transition from one room to another or from nursery to school scary?

At this time of year thoughts inevitably start turning towards the end of the academic year and parents often comment that they don’t think their little ones will ever be ready for school.

At ABC we do everything we can to ensure your children are as ready as they can be for the next step – whether that’s moving up from the baby room into the toddler room, or from toddlers into pre-school, or the move up to infant or primary school. Any change can be daunting or overwhelming to youngsters and parents but we make sure the process is gradual and explained along the way. All of our nursery settings in Telford – Lightmoor, Hoo, Hollinswood and Hadley – operate three separate rooms for different ages.


  • Children are in our baby rooms from 3 months to around 24 months. This ensures that when they are tiny they are given the care they need – with separate feeding, changing and sleeping areas. As they naturally develop into toddlers their routines are adapted accordingly – less sleep, more play! By the time a child is nearing their 2nd birthday they spend some time in the toddlers room so when they make the move up it already feels familiar.


  • Little ones are in our Toddler rooms from roughly 24 to 36 months. This short period sees a lot of change in children, especially in terms of their communication and physical development. Many, but not all, are ready to be potty trained during this time. Your child’s key-worker will, at all stages, work closely with parents to ensure everyone knows where your individual child is on their development path. As children near 36 months they are ready for new challenges – mentally and physically and they spend time with the pre-schoolers to prepare them for this.


  • Our pre-school rooms are kitted out with many different areas for role-play fun, adult led games, messy activities, computing, cosy areas, writing tables with Lightmoor leading the Curiosity Approach too. Everything we do is geared towards learning through play and discovery and our pre-school workers liaise closely with local schools to ensure the transition up to ‘big-school’ is as smooth as it can be. Our pre-schoolers also get to enjoy weekly Lingotot sessions to learn a second language and have the choice to enjoy Letters and Sounds and Marvellous Maths sessions with Shropshire Tutor if they wish.

Key-workers and close collaboration with parents help us all ensure your children are given they support they personally need at every step of their journey with ABC. When they do make the move up to primary school or infant school reception classes it is a natural progression of their learning and discovery.

If you have any concerns at any time we would always invite you to talk to your child’s key-worker, we are more than happy to help.