Messy Fun for Valentine’s Day at ABC.

Posted 11th February, 2019
Valentine's Day at ABC Day Nursery in Telford

It’s Valentine’s Day! At ABC Day Nursery we love nothing better than getting your little ones involved in messy play. Creative activities really allow their incredible imaginations to flourish and develop.

Sticking, painting, drawing, cutting, gluing, and – dare we say it – glitter, are all part and parcel of their educational development.

Whether it’s a spring picture, Mother’s Day card, Father’s Day gift, Autumn scene, Christmas tree making, or a sticky cotton wool snowman, all of our children are given plenty of opportunity to get messy and creative.

Valentine’s Day is a special time for your little ones. We talk about who we love and who loves and cares for us in the world. We talk about friendship and caring and read stories around the themes. It’s also a fabulous opportunity for the children to enjoy creating their love heart cards, for a few days our nurseries turn into oceans of pink and red card!

And the best part about getting messy and creative is it doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

We don’t want you spending money on commercialised products when you can create your own whilst creating memories at the same time.

Try using everyday objects such as dried pasta, cotton wool, newspaper, magazine cuttings, dried flowers, tin foil, or even small garden stones. With a bit of paper, sellotape, or glue,  you can create some true masterpieces together.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and see what your children have been up to for yourself. We always try and feature pictures from our day to day activities to help parents and carers follow day to day nursery life.

And don’t forget if you create something together at home then please upload photos to your i-connect account so it can go in your child’s learning journal.