Learning to love reading at ABC for World Book Day

Posted 25th February, 2019
World Book Day at ABC Day Nursery in Telford

This year’s World Book Day falls on Thursday March 7, and as usual here at ABC we can’t wait to get involved.

As we do every day we will share some much-loved stories with the children, and this year we are doing something new!

We know how many books you have at home – read until they are falling apart maybe but others which have been read and enjoyed and now collecting dust.

We want our children to share their love of books by swapping one or more with their friends.

So we are asking people to bring in the books they no longer want and put them in the “book swap area” where the children will have the chance to go at some point during #WorldBookDay and choose a different book to take home. (The book swap will take place at Hollinswood, Lightmoor and Hoo.)

We know adults don’t like missing out on the fun either so we will have an “Adult Book Swap Area” too in the main reception of each of the three nurseries taking part so bring your books and swap it for a new read or two ready for those summer holidays!

We will also be asking children from all four nurseries to dress as their favourite character. But don’t panic – we don’t want you to spend money on costumes if you don’t want to – why not use an old tshirt and let your child draw their favourite character on it or write the names of their favourite characters?

Learning to love books, listen to stories, and sharing ideas is a fantastic way to develop your little one’s imagination. Reading to children is such an essential part of their education – some believe that even reading to unborn babies can help their early development.

It’s a fact of life today that we are always rushing around and time for reading is often down the to-do list but we thought we would give you a few ideas for incorporating it into day-to-day life.

  • The obvious one is making a story at bedtime part of the everyday routine. If you find bedtimes a battle perhaps read a story on the sofa together before heading upstairs for PJs… the act of sitting together and listening can sometimes calm them down before bedtime.
  • If you find your little one likes to get up early you could try encouraging them to stay in their bed longer with a favourite book … perhaps choose one together the night before that they will be excited about looking at in the morning.
  • Car journeys, trips on the bus, coffee with a friend – anytime that you might encourage your child to sit and occupy themselves quietly for 10 minutes, why not try taking a few books along. Either sit and enjoy them together or ask your little one to try reading for themselves… at this young age chances are they won’t know the words but they can tell a story based on the images and using their imagination.
  • When you get back from the school run why not sit down together for 10 minutes and share a storybook? It’s a good opportunity to relax into home-time mode together.
  • We’re all guilty of turning the television on to keep the kids entertained sometimes but maybe point them in the direction of the book shelf instead.
  • Try taking them to one of the town’s libraries and involve them in choosing their own book. This will make even the most hesitant ‘reader’ want to spend time with their choice.
  • Follow on activities also help bring books to life for littles ones – colouring sheets, activity packs, taking a walk and pretending to copy the story, any activity or event that can bring a book to life and help encourage your little one to love reading will all help.

As always if you want any more ideas for encouraging your youngster’s development don’t hesitate to speak to one of the team.