It’s World Kindness Day – we’re always kind at ABC.

Posted 13th November, 2019
World Kindness Day at ABC

Today (November 13) marks global World Kindness Day. Of course we should all remember to be friendly and kind to those around us every day of the year but it’s always nice to make an extra effort too!

At ABC Day Nursery that is a message we instill in children 365 days of the year, not just on World Kindness Day. If you are not kind to someone they may not be kind to you, and so the pattern will continue. 

We know this ethos is shared by you – our parents and carers – and that highlights the importance of partnership working between your child’s nursery and you. Children learn through repetition, if they hear about kindness from the world around them they will grow up with an understanding of kindness. The same goes for negative emotions too – if a child grows up surrounded by negativity that is what they will grow up knowing.

Actions always speak louder than words and as well as repetition, children learn from example. If they see kindness in the home and at nursery they are far more likely to copy that behaviour. 

We know it’s not easy, when a three-year-old refuses to be kind and share their toy, it’s much easier to take it off them and hand it over, rather than explain – again – why kindness is important. But if a child sees you taking something from them they will then think it’s ok to do the same to someone else. Taking the time to explain that while child 1 is playing with it, child 2 will have to wait for their turn, and then when child 1 is finished they can hand it over to child 2 to show kindness, will help young ones learn and grow. 

Ideally the next time they are in a situation where to be kind would be the best solution they may remember some of the skills and actions they have been taught.