Happy 26th Birthday to us!

Posted 11th February, 2019
Happy 26th birthday to ABC Day Nursery in Telford.

It seems like a matter of minutes since we marked our silver anniversary, yet here we are – a whole year on celebrating 26 excellent years. We can’t believe it’s our 26th birthday.

People mark their birthday each and every year so we think we should too!

The first ABC Day Nursery was opened in 1993 in Wrockwardine by owner Penny Hustwick. There were just six children and seven members of staff. Today there are four outstanding sites across Telford that have helped care for more than 1,500 children throughout the years. Children attend our nurseries in Hollinswood, Hadley, Hoo Farm and Lightmoor for 51 weeks of the year.

We have been doing plenty to celebrate our 26th birthday. Children have enjoyed making the number 26 out of various materials and have included it in their Forest School activities too! Sticks are great fun aren’t they?

The children even had a lie down and shaped and their bodies into the number 2 and 6.

Penny said there are always challenges in the industry like other industries but it is important to deal with any changes in a positive way.

“Every year brings a new challenge but we embrace change in the best way we can.

“The last 12 months has been the 30-funded hours which is amazing for parents but has been a task for all nursery owners.

“We’ve introduced The Curiosity Approach to ABC Lightmoor and it’s been a such a success we have some exciting plans in the pipeline. We will have some more news on that in a few weeks.

“We’ve seen some very much valued faces leave and some familiar faces return and new members of staff too.

“Every year is an exciting year at ABC – if you didn’t know by now we all love our jobs and sometimes forget it is work as the children are simply fabulous.”

Reflecting on the last 26 years in business, Penny added: “I am so proud that all of our four nurseries are rated outstanding by Ofsted inspectors. When we first started nursery provision was still a relatively new concept and we had to find a lot of things out for ourselves.

“Today we have four successful, busy, active, vibrant sites that are a joy to work in. I am so grateful to all of the staff who have worked alongside me to create what ABC Day Nursery has become today.

“I trained as a nursery nurse and to this day that has always come first. I run a business, but first and foremost I am an experienced nursery nurse and really love working with your children. It has been an absolute privilege to get to know them over the years, and I particularly enjoy seeing youngsters grow up, sometimes coming back for work experience, and even bringing their own little ones to nursery here.

“Creating a warm, safe, relaxing, fun, and caring environment has always been at the heart of ABC. We aim to offer a home environment, but also with the added bonus of activities such as language clubs and number fun.

“The last 26 years have been wonderful, and we are looking forward to many more happy years caring for children across the area.”