Blog: School’s out for the summer holidays – well nearly!

Posted 10th July, 2019
Summer holiday club at ABC Day Nursery in Telford is fun, fun, fun!

With just a few weeks of the term left thoughts naturally start turning to the long (hopefully sunny) summer holidays stretching out ahead of us.

We know that for many – especially those with school age children already – the idea of switching off alarm clocks for six weeks, and enjoying long lazy days in the park is an absolute dream. We also know – from our own experience – that the feeling can wane a little as the holidays go on, whilst for some that never happens as they are working for the duration and putting their “child juggling” skills to the test!

By week two it can feel like you’ve already spent your budget for the holiday on treats, activities and holiday clubs. By week three the novelty of everyone enjoying each other’s company has worn off and by week four everyone just wants to return to ‘normal’ and get back to the routine.

So what can you do to keep everyone going over the holidays? Don’t forget our ABC Day Nursery holiday clubs will be running, as will the nursery itself for children who attend year round. For those of you whose children enjoy some home time for July and August here’s a few ideas to keep everyone happy.

  • Firstly, it’s ok for kids to be bored sometimes. Switching off the television and giving them a little space to find something to entertain them can stimulate their imagination. As long as they are being supervised around the home give them some space and time to just let their imaginations wonder… Ask them about our Curiosity Approach activities we play.
  • For those who need a little encouragement gather some old cardboard boxes together, or old newspaper. With a little glue and paint they can let their inner artist out – hopefully outside in the garden to reduce the tidying up!
  • Take advantage of our beautiful surroundings, set up a nature trail, or treasure hunt to do together or for children to complete alone in the garden. Anything that keeps them entertained for an hour or two, teaches them something about the world around us, and doesn’t cost much can only be a good thing.
  • Take a visit to one of the libraries in the area. Summer holidays are a great time to share stories with little ones. Everyone is (hopefully) more relaxed, not in such a rush to get from A to B, and books can be enjoyed together.
  • Purchasing outdoor toys for the garden doesn’t need to cost a fortune and could keep youngsters entertained for hours. Paddling pools, tennis sets, water tables, sand pits, a skipping rope, a bike, a gardening set, even a pair of binoculars to encourage bird watching.
  • Enjoy the activities put on in our community – they don’t have to cost a fortune.

The summer holidays can feel overlong, they can wipe out any money you had saved pretty quickly, they can be a challenging time for families readjusting to life together again, but make the most of it. September will roll around before you know it.