Tips for travelling with a toddler

Posted 29th May, 2018

With summer fast approaching, we know many of you will be looking at booking a break away for your family.

But if you’ve never flown before with your little one, it can be a nerve-wracking experience wondering if they’ll sit calmly or wreak havoc up and down the aisle!

So we’ve put together some top tips for a less stressful flight – we can’t promise it’ll make it completely stress-free but hopefully it’ll start your holiday off on the right foot.

    • Toys, toys, toys – The first, and possibly most helpful, tip is to bring plenty to occupy your child! Picking plenty of their favourite toys and games to give even those with a short attention span lots to keep them busy can be a lifesaver for a flight. Buying a few new small toys that they won’t have seen before they board can also be a great way to buy yourself some extra quiet time.
    • Make use of technology – We wouldn’t normally advocate too much screen time but when you’re stuck in an enclosed space for hours on end and there are other passengers to think about, it’s well worth taking along a tablet or device you can download a few movies or episodes of their favourite television show on to. Get them some cool headphones and hopefully you’ll be well on your way to your destination before they start wanting to run around!
    • Path of least resistance – While some other passengers might find your child walking up and down the aisle a little tedious after a bit, that’s surely got to be better than you trying to keep them in their seats and thus setting off a major tantrum, right? While you’d normally be the one making the rules, if they have a request and it isn’t going to cause issues on board, it makes sense to let them roam a little if that’s going to keep them quiet.
    • Snacks, snacks, snacks – As with toys, you can never have enough snacks on a flight. It’s helpful to have either a drink they can sip on during take off and landing or a hard sweet if they’re old enough to help with their ears popping. But getting a snack out periodically through the flight is going to hopefully help reduce any whinging!
    • Take a change of clothes – Toddlers aren’t renowned for their cleanliness and trying to keep them clean on a long flight can be a challenge. While wet wipes work magic in lots of situations, if they’re poorly on board or your snacks are particularly messy then it’s probably wise to take a couple of changes of clothes that are easy to get on and off and are comfy (pyjamas is always a good suggestion, especially if you think your little one might nap during the flight!) – it’s also worth thinking about a spare outfit for you if there’s space in your bag, no one wants to step off the flight looking like they’ve been in a food fight or, even worse, smelling of sick!
    • Try not to stress – yes, it’s never great if your little one kicks off in a crowded place and it seems 100 times more stressful if you’re stuck in that place for the next few hours, with the same people. Yes, you might be confronted with a few tuts or disapproving looks but you’ll probably find most people are fairly understanding of what it’s like trying to deal with an unhappy baby or child, especially if they can see you’re trying your hardest to calm them down. While it may seem like a long time, you’ll soon land at your destination and hopefully wonder why you were so worried about flying!




Happy holidays from all of us at ABC, whether you’re off on an adventure or just hoping the sun makes an appearance in Telford at some point.