World Book Day at ABC Day Nursery

Posted 22nd February, 2017

Reading is one of our favourite things to at all four of the ABC Day Nursery sites at Hoo, Hollinswood, Hadley and Lightmoor.

And we know our children love getting dressed up as different characters – so it’s no wonder we all love World Book Day so much.

This year we’re inviting all the little ones to come in on the day (Thursday, March 2) as their favourite character from a book they love reading.

They’ll be joining in all sorts of book-related activities and we’re sure it’ll be a great day!

If you’re stuck for costume ideas, we’ve come up with a few simple ones, which will only take five minutes to put together, to help spark your imagination:

Dear Zoo – they could come dressed as one of the animals in the book whether it’s a monkey, elephant, lion or the dog.

Hungry Caterpillar – we think this would be a great costume, just dress them in green with some red face paint/make a mask using red card. You could even get them to help by drawing different foods on card which you could cut out and secure to their outfit.

Matilda – if you want to keep it really simple, a blue dress and a red hair ribbon are all that’s needed for this outfit. In fact, a lot of Roald Dahl’s characters make great options for the day (think giant ears and a waistcoat for the BFG or a top hat and purple jacket for Willy Wonka).

Mr Bump – dress your little one in blue, wrap a few bandages around them and stick some plasters to their outfit. Or why not take inspiration from any of the other Mr Men or Little Miss books?

Red Riding Hood – if you’ve got some spare red material then it can become a cloak for this look. Or your little boy or girl could dress as the wolf instead.

We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone’s costumes and we’ll be sure to share some snaps of the day on our Facebook page too!