New ABC team member joins Lightmoor nursery

Posted 4th August, 2017

You may have noticed a new face at our Lightmoor nursery. Zoe Broadhurst has joined our team as our new ABC team member so we would like to introduce her and let you get to know her a little!

Zoe has worked as a teacher of year one pupils at a primary school in Madeley for four years before moving into the nursery environment.

She has taken up the role of Lead Practitioner and said she is really enjoying it.

The 27-year-old said: “It is nice to see the children being children, when teaching it is such a structured environment but here you get to know the children more.

“I have gone from a class full of children to children and adults.

“It is a different role being in charge of the girls here but I like the challenge, I am really enjoying it and love coming to work each day.

“There were certain things I wasn’t sure about so I have made myself learn about a few topics, but I am learning something new every day.

“There are new behaviour strategies and I have to organise more things here, more events, but I love helping the girls and being there for them, it is good to share my experience.”

Zoe has a BA Hons in Primary Education with QTS and will be putting her skills to work ensuring the nursery practitioners are instilling education in the work of the nursery.

She is responsible for ensuring the staff understand the Early Years Foundation Stage principles and how to put them into practice, among other things.

Zoe is looking forward to getting to know parents a bit better as that was another thing she enjoyed at the school.