National Trust 50 things to do before you reach 11 and three quarters! Den building, bike rides, wild art and star gazing to name a few!

Posted 30th January, 2017
National Trust 50 things to do before you reach 11 and three quarters.
Garden fun with ABC

The brilliant list from National Trust of 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ has been around for a while now, but it’s definitely worth revisiting each year to tick a few more activities off.

Although it’ll be a while before your little one reaches the grand old age of 11, there are still plenty of tasks on there which you can get started on now.

At ABC Day Nursery we spend a lot of time with our children outdoors, taking them out on walks and collecting different items like pinecones but it’s great when we hear about what they’ve been up to with their families over the weekends or while they’ve been on holiday.

The full list of 50 is available on the National Trust’s website here but we’ve picked out some of our favourites which we think are a great starter for nursery-aged children in 2017:

Build a den: There are so many fantastic outdoor spaces in Shropshire that we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to den building! Of course the focus of the list is outdoor activities, but if it’s a rainy day you can always get building indoors too.

Go on a really long bike ride: Even if your little one isn’t quite old enough to manage a long cycle, there are some great options out there in terms of seats or bike trailers that are well worth looking into if you’re a family who likes to stay active together.

Create some wild art: We love getting creative at ABC and incorporating nature into art is even more fun. Why not think big and make a large-scale piece of artwork on the ground and leave it there for others to enjoy?

Visit a farm: Obviously one of our settings is based on a farm (Hoo Farm) but there are plenty of places in Shropshire where kids can get up close and personal with all sorts of creatures. They’ll be talking about getting to feed their favourite animal for ages afterwards!

Go stargazing: On a clear night, it’s lovely to let the little ones stay up a bit longer, get them bundled up in plenty of layers and let them explore the night sky.

How many of the list has your little one done? If you’re already an ABC parent you can let us know by writing in your Unique Book about anything they particularly enjoyed.