Don’t miss out on childcare changes

Posted 6th April, 2017

Huge changes to childcare are taking place and here at ABC Day Nursery we want to make sure parents and children don’t miss out.

A new scheme comes into effect in September which will see working parents able to access 30 hours of free childcare for their three and four year olds – double the current entitlement.

The scheme is part of Government plans to bring in new measures aimed at helping parents with childcare costs.

This is great for families and we want you all to embrace the offering. At ABC Day Nursery we have been working behind the scenes on what it will mean for our four Ofsted Outstanding sites and our availability and places.

If your child goes to ABC Day Nursery you will have received a letter and your child is eligible between September 17 and August 18, (if you haven’t for any reason received it then please ask any member of staff or give us a call) but we do need your responses as soon as possible in order to meet as many individual requirements as possible.

This is the biggest shake-up in the history of our industry and I must stress that places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so our message to parents is ‘don’t delay, get your responses into us quickly’.

The team at ABC believe it is vital parents are kept informed about the changes and important to know what they will mean to them as a family.

We are ready to answer any questions and concerns parents might have but the website also offers more information on the changes and eligibility.

As all four of our nurseries are Ofsted outstanding, we have waiting lists for them all, so understandably parents and ABC will want to get everything sorted out as soon as possible.

At ABC we have always been proud of our staff to children ratio and the number of staff with the higher level qualifications and we want to ensure we retain that quality as children and families deserve that standard regardless of Government proposals.

In essence, the 30 hours free childcare entitles parents to an extra 570 hours across the year. To qualify, couples must both expect to earn at least £120 a week – the equivalent of 16 hours a week at the minimum wage. Anyone expected to earn £100,000 a year or more will not be eligible.

To qualify, a child will be three or four years old when the scheme starts in September.

Any questions please just ask!