Sensory fun for less at ABC Day Nursery

Posted 24th November, 2016
Sensory fun at ABC

From the moment they’re born (and even beforehand), we hear all about the importance of introducing our little ones to plenty of different sights, sounds and textures at an early age.

There are thousands of toys out there that promote sensory experiences for babies and toddlers.

But it’s not always necessary to splash the cash in order to provide these activities for your children.

In fact, as anyone who’s ever seen a small child open a present and then discard it in favour of the wrapping paper or box will know, keeping a little one occupied doesn’t have to cost much money at all.

Here at ABC Day Nursery in Telford, we’re all for promoting sensory experiences and we love hearing about new imaginative activities parents and carers have come up with.

There are plenty of things you can do using items you may already have in your house:

Why not save up a few empty water bottles and then half fill them with different dried goods like pasta and rice?

Your little one will have plenty of fun shaking them around and enjoying the noises they make – and they’re much cheaper than maracas!

Another great idea is just using different materials from around the home or ones which can be purchased cheaply to get them used to lots of textures.

An emergency blanket is always a big hit with babies as the reflective material and the noise keeps them occupied for hours and you can also use tissue paper, feathers, sand and anything else you can think of for your sensory play session.

It might sound strange if you’ve never done it before, but as soon as you watch them enjoying feeling (but hopefully not eating!) the new textures you’ll see how much they enjoy it!

For a bit of bath time sensory fun, why not dim the lights and pop some glow sticks into the water? They’ll light up the room with different neon colours and amaze your little one.

Once you start having a look round your home (or the pound shops) you’ll find plenty of items to amuse your little ones for hours at little or no expense.

Have fun and remember to let us know which activities were a hit with your children!