Are you enjoying winter activities in the garden with your children?

Posted 24th November, 2016
National Trust 50 things to do before you reach 11 and three quarters.
Garden fun with ABC

Here at ABC Nursery in Telford we love spending time outside – regardless if the weather is warm and sunny or dull and damp – there’s always something to do in the garden.

Obviously you might want to think twice before asking your kids to clean out the pond for obvious safety reasons or do the weeding in case your favourite plants get pulled out too!

But there are plenty of things they can do that will help them feel like the garden is their space as well.

Why not get them painting pots? All you need to do is soak the pot in water for around an hour, scrub it with a stiff brush and then set the little ones to work – reminding them to paint in thin layers to avoid it peeling off afterwards.

For smaller children, you could do the base colour then get them to paint spots in different shades and for even tinier ones, why not use their hand or footprints to decorate your pots. They’ll serve as a long-lasting memory as you wonder how your baby’s feet and hands were ever that small!

Once the pot is dry, you could even get them to choose a plant to go in it, which then becomes ‘their’ plant which they need to remember to water! Sunflowers are a fabulous option here as you can create a little competition to see whose grows the tallest.

A herb garden is a great idea for kids, as it not only teaches them about keeping something alive, but you can then bring the herbs indoors to learn all about using them in cooking and which goes best with the foods you’re eating.

An excellent way to spend an afternoon is sending them out on a mini nature trail, without even leaving the garden. Get them to count up how many types of wildlife they can find, whether it’s birds and butterflies, creepy crawlies or frogs and toads.

Perhaps the younger ones can draw pictures of the wildlife while older ones try and research what types of animal they’ve found? You can even talk about which plants in your garden will attract wildlife, such as buddleias drawing in butterflies.

The brilliant thing is these activities, and many more, don’t require a great deal of space, expense, time and effort. And the more your kids start exploring the garden, the more games and activities they’ll start coming up with themselves.

So start encouraging little green fingers today and let us know which activity becomes your favourite!

And don’t forget this time of year the children love having fun in the leaves so encourage them to kick them and then collect them! Two birds – one stone comes to mind!