DIY Christmas decorations with your little one!

Posted 24th November, 2016
DIY Christmas decorations

Christmas is the perfect excuse to get crafty with your little ones and hang up their creations which you can reuse year after year, even when they’re not so little anymore. We just love DIY Christmas decorations.

Here at ABC Day Nursery in Telford we love finding new inspiration for Yuletide projects so we’ve pulled together a couple of our favourites to get you started:

Advent calendar:

Instead of just popping to the shops to buy one, you could always make your own. There are loads of ways to do this but one of the easiest is to buy some card which fits into a large frame. Then buy 24 little envelopes, number them and stick them on. Children will love decorating each of the envelopes and then once they’re not looking you can pop in a little treat for them to open each day in the run up to Christmas.

Pinecone ornaments:
Take a family walk and pick up some pinecones on the way. Then when you get home you can paint them different colours, attach some ribbon to them and pop them on the tree. Either pick a colour to go with your tree or let the children’s imagination go wild! You could even put a string of them together as an unusual mantlepiece garland.

Tiny Christmas trees:

Cut out some felt into Christmas tree shapes, pop some stuffing in the middle of two of the shapes and attach a tree trunk to the bottom before sewing together. Then lay out some buttons, glitter pens, tiny felt shapes and anything else you have handy for the children to decorate the trees.

Snowman baubles:

Use a normal coloured bauble for this, paint your little one’s hand white and get them to hold the bottom of the bauble, pressing hard so their fingerprints transfer to the side of the bauble. When they let go each of their fingerprints will look like a tiny little snowman – once dry you can get them to add facial features, a scarf and hat or anything else on to their snowmen to personalise them. Don’t forget to write their name and the date on the bottom of the bauble so you can remember who did which one in years to come!

There are thousands of ideas you can make use of, whatever age your children are, and most of them are pretty fun for adults too! Don’t forget to share your DIY Christmas decorations with us.

Your home will be looking festive in no time, and you’re sure to have guests asking where you got your unique decorations from.