Arts and crafts at ABC Day Nursery. Have a go with your little one…

Posted 22nd September, 2016
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We all know how unpredictable the weather can be here in Shropshire and sometimes plans for days out can go by the way side. We also know a child stuck inside can cause more stress than any parent needs so we’ve put some arts and crafts ideas together for you to have a go at with your little one.

We love creativity at ABC Day Nursery in Telford – don’t worry you don’t have to be fantastic at arts and crafts to get stuck into these ideas with the children and we guarantee you’ll all have plenty of fun:

Flower power treats:

Mix 300g of icing sugar with two drops of peppermint essence then add four or five tablespoons of condensed milk, one at a time, until you get a smooth dough. Separate the dough into thirds and knead a drop of different shades of food colouring into each, adding more icing sugar if needed.

Roll out the fondant until it is around 5mm thick and then cut it into some flower shapes – or any other shape depending on which cutters you have at home. If you’ve opted for a flower then you can stick a sweet into the centre of each one to complete the look.

Leave them overnight in a cool, dry place and then they’re ready to eat!

Button decorations:

Use a canvas to draw or paint on a shape which the children can then stick buttons on to – you could go for a tree so they can add on button leaves, a heart to fill in or perhaps the outline of the first letter of their name.
Why not teach younger ones about sizes and colours by getting them to sort the buttons before they use them?

Then once it’s dry you could even hang it in their room so they can show off their handmade art.

Spoon puppets:

This one really is incredibly simple. Just get the children to draw pictures of their favourite people, animals or cartoon characters on a thick piece of card.

Cut round the drawings and stick each one onto a plastic spoon.

Create a puppet show area then your children can have plenty of fun making up stories and entertaining you with their spoon puppets.

Glow in the dark glitter jars:

You can either buy a mason jar or simply wash out a jar you’ve used at home and peel off the label.

Fill it nearly to the top with Karo/corn syrup (leaving about an inch free) then pour in some glitter and stir it around.

Add in glow in the dark stars or any other shapes you can find, stirring again before screwing the jar top back on.

You can use these as a night light as children will love to see the glow in the dark bits light up when it goes dark, but equally it looks lovely in the day due to all the glitter!

DIY chalk paint:

Kids can have hours of fun painting on the patio or pavement, but rather than buying chalk you can make some yourself very easily.

Mix ¼ cup of cornstarch and ¼ cup of water, adding six to eight drops of food colouring to each cup.

Then simply get some paintbrushes out and let your children use their imagination to create colourful messages and pictures. The chalk will disappear next time it rains, or you can simply turn the garden hose on the drawings once you’re finished.

We love all of these arts and crafts ideas and there are plenty more to keep them entertained throughout the summer and winter – simply any time of the year! Let us know if you do any of them or if you’ve got your own brilliant quick craft ideas!