Horses, chickens and a hot cup of tea – all in a days work for nursery manager Lucy Shaw.

Posted 13th February, 2015

A day in the life of Lucy Shaw… If I told you that one of my first jobs of the day as nursery manager is to look out for escaping animals you’d laugh, wouldn’ABC-HOO-06t  you?

Well, it’s true. Every morning when I arrive at the office, I check the horses are still locked in their stables, I say good morning to Logan the sheepdog, check no sheep have escaped and eaten the childrens’ lovingly tended vegetables and keep an eye open for any chickens on the run.

And then, there is the resident cat Marley but that’s a whole different story!

It makes me chuckle really. I’m probably the only nursery manager in Telford who starts their day in such a way but it’s part and parcel of what makes our nursery here at Hoo Farm so special and magical.

I’m Lucy Shaw and I have been the manager at ABC @ Hoo since it opened in September 2013. Prior to Hoo opening I was the manager at Wrockwardine and I have worked for ABC Day Nursery in Telford for a total of 13 years.

Needless to say I love what I do.

With up to 60 babies, toddlers and preschool children in on any one day,

managing the nursery and making sure everything runs smoothly is a pretty big job so it’s fortunate being organised is my thing!

I’m also very lucky to work alongside some of the very best nursery nurses who care very passionately about providing high quality childcare to all our children here at Hoo, which was rated Outstanding by Ofsted inspectors.

They are fun, creative, enthusiastic and show very high levels of compassion and care.

It means I can get on with the more managerial tasks such as coordinating staff ratios, carrying out risk assessments, organising staff training, showing new parents around and keeping a watch on security.

Then there’s the other things like doing the shopping to stock up on snacks and toiletries and my favourite bit of all – organising fun projects and fundraisers for the children.

Last year’s Welly Waddle was a hoot and raised lots of money to fund a new pirate ship and mud kitchen for the outside play area.

I want this year’s fundraiser to be just as fun so I’m busy coming up with a list of ideas.

We would love for parents and grandparents to come along and join us again so, watch this space!

I’m often asked by other parents how we manage looking after so many little ones all day long.

They can’t understand why we are not driven mad but, the truth is, being a nursery manager is not at all like being a mum.

At home my girls squabble like all other children and half the time ignore what I say.

But at nursery it’s not like that.

The children are very polite and respectful and do their best to follow our ‘golden rules’, even my own daughters, who both attend Hoo.

It’s a delightful job. I take great pleasure in seeing all the little ones develop and grow in confidence and I laugh every day at the things I overhear them telling one another.

And the best thing, just like every other working mum and dad, I also get to enjoy a hot cup of tea when I get to the office!

The days of Lucy Shaw truly are unique, but we love what she does here at Hoo and it wouldn’t be the same without her!